Reptile Boarding

We offer reptile accommodation in one of our fully equipped vivariums, each with individually thermostatically controlled ceramic heat emitters and a variety of hides and logs for security and enhancement. The vivariums are monitored twice daily for temperature and humidity to ensure that our scaly guests are happy. All vivariums are maintained to a high standard and the set up will be adjusted to suit every occupant’s differing requirements. Vivariums are cleaned and disinfected between each use.

A record sheet is filled in twice daily with humidity, temperatures, feeding and shedding, so that you can see how your reptile has been cared for, while you have been away.

Standard Boarding

Shared suites are the perfect environment for sociable pets that enjoy the wonders of communal living. Each of the shared rooms has single beds available for each pet staying there, and is attended around the clock by trained professionals.

All of the boarding rooms are equipped with at least one air purifier to circulate clean air flow. Instead of televisions, soothing music is provided during the day for a more relaxed and enjoyable stay.

At check-in, each pet is assigned an individual area to safely store extra food and any extra belongings required during their stay. If desired, please bring toys, bedding or other small items, which might make your pet feel more at home.

Deluxe Boarding

For those requiring more exclusive accommodations, our suites will provide your pampered pet with a more spacious private room. We have TVs playing pet-friendly movies in each suite and offer private walks for bathroom breaks morning, noon and night.

Bright and airy, each room has access to separate outdoor and sheltered indoor play space for exercise and socialization. Each suite has a nice homey atmosphere and mattress-style toddler sized bed.

The single pet suites are separated from the standard rooms for a more peaceful, private environment and are as well perfect for multiple pets in a family. Rooms are cleaned and sanitized daily.