Raspberries are sweet berries which a specifically beloved by children as they are quick and handy to eat. The homeland of raspberries is considered to be Central Europe. Currently, their shrubs are grown in Russia, USA, Serbia and Montenegro.



These berries are widespread in cooking. This is due not only to the magical taste and aroma that the berry possesses but also to the fact that it is easy to find (especially in Europe). In ancient times, it was used in cooking and for medicinal purposes. And now, in almost all suburban areas, you can see raspberry bushes overgrown.

Raspberries are eaten raw. They are also processed into various jams. Raspberries can be frozen and they practically don’t lose its healing properties. In cooking, this berry is used in a very wide range – from high-calorie desserts and light fruit salads to sweet and sour sauces served with poultry and meat. Raspberry juice is used to make drinks such as smoothies, fruit and berry shakes, fruit and milkshakes, fresh juices, alcoholic beverages.

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