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The apricot tree is a subspecies of plum trees, and they are very similar in many respects. Apricot fruits contain on big seed, have yellow-red colour, and have various sizes and shapes. Fruits of apricot have rather juicy flesh and a sweet and sour or very sweet taste. In many ways, the size and palatability of apricots depend on the place where they grew.



Apricot is a very handy fruit for all housewives. You can make dried apricots or apricot jam from them if you don’t have time to eat these tasty fruits right away. Apricot has no equal competition among other jams in the number of vitamins. Dried apricot in the East is considered an exquisite delicacy and excellent medicine.

The composition of the apricot fruit includes a large amount of iron and potassium, which helps strengthen the heart muscle and improve vascular activity. Magnesium and phosphorus will help speed up the reaction and strengthen memory, as well as lower blood pressure. Dried apricots and apricot juice normalize the acidity of the stomach, improve digestion, help the liver cleanse the whole

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    Have never tasted more delicious apricots than by Frutta Verde. You guys are doing a great job. Keep on amazing us!

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    Apricots are perfect for making desserts as they taste both sweetly and delicately.

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