One hour with the celebrity – and some not perfect portraits

A rare chance – to have some time for a photo set with the celebrity. The secret is – she is my friend, so I was lucky enough to have a friendly talk and take some photos, of course.

Guess who is she. I almost fell in love again.

She is perfect. According to the standards of the modern fashion. We had a long walk at the beach, we swam, we talked. And my portraits are so friendly.

Hope to see her again soon. And thank you for being with me that day.

Under water, above the ground

Exploring underwater life with the camera is difficult. I use my GoPro camera and did a couple of perfect shoots. It’s a cool way to relax (yes, that’s possible to relax under water) and take pics.

I decided that it should be black and white this time. This is the way I see it. What do you think about it?

More pics on the way!

The portraits of one day

I know what you think. Portraits is the easiest photography – just take a hundred of shoots and it the portrait is ready. but that’s not true. Finding a soul in a portrait is difficult. It’s hard. Really. Last Sunday I spend a day with one of the local activists and journalists. He told me a story and allowed to take photos for the further portraits. So I just leave it here.

Hi is also the musician in a local Reggie band. I promised to visit the next concert.

My fantastic trip to the woods and mountains

The only place where I cannot be afraid of a bad pic, where I don’t worry, where I’m relaxed and full with the love of nature. This is something special. Last time I went to the mountains, deserts and woods and jist captured what they told me. How do you love to see the nature on your photos?

I love the combinations of nature and people, sometimes they make me feel we are not alone. And the nature is not alone. So strong and not alone.

So many colors in black and white

I found out that it’s easier to see so much more in a photo without colors. It adds a kind of perfection, a mystery, even f transparency to the photo. The only real world is always in colors, the black and white is the art, where you can see many colors, where you can turn on your imagination.

That’s a special art, I can’t help.

My expression of male photography

I sometimes take photos for men. Mostly all of them are either for magazines or music  bands. Or anything else. It’s hard to divide the photos into male and female, I just capture the soul. Men (and me) especially love black and white photography, But not always.

I love to see the accessories, they give a special focus to the images.

But sometimes it’d just a movement or silence and that’s enough. I’ll leave just one photo in the post. The rest of them you can find in my portfolio.

I know the way to make your wedding unforgettable

Wedding collections among all of mine are really special. I believe I did not feel so much responsibility for any other of the projects. I generally spend a ton of time to make the weeding images so much loving and genuine as the couples feel. It’s as hard as the pics of everyday love. Love is easy and hard to catch. If you are not afraid to show it, I’m not afraid catch it. I love to catch small pieces and portraits. And what do you expect to see on your wedding images?

I have a special approach before such sets – I may have a talk with and take into account all your wishes and stories. Why? I don’t want to capture the surface only. I want to capture inner you. Both of you.

Something like that? Just let me know.

Tasty photos for foodies (and cafe owners!)

Culinary is a special art I was always impressed by. I also always accept the invitations to all events involving food photography, Sometimes it’s hard to find the needed angle as almost each one looks so special.

So, very often I can experiment with food photography and cannot choose one best image – all of them seem so unique. If you are looking for a photographer for your cafe or restaurant, check out my Foodie project and let me know what help you need.

I have my own accessories to make your images even more beautiful so if you think there is no the right place for photos in your restaurant, you may relay on me, I’m absolutely open to conversation. Want some examples?

Take a look.

Let me know if you need to show your menu in the best light