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Helicopter Tours

Private and sharing helicopter flights from Palmeria Hotel for your pleasure and business are now available to be booked with a significant discount for our guests.

Our success is based on a winning combination of highly experienced team of pilots together with a luxury fleet of helicopters, based in Thira and servicing the whole region.

Have all the pleasant moments in the sky enjoying spectacular scenery of Santorini ancient villages and pristine nature from a bird’s eye view!

5 thoughts on “Helicopter Tours

  1. This was the first helicopter tour I have ever taken, but it exceeded my expectations in every way. From the booking process through the end of the tour, this company was friendly, professional, informative and safe.

    1. I really can’t think of anything about the whole experience that I wasn’t happy with. I will certainly be taking future tours with this company when I am back.

      1. We took the helicopter tour to Hana and a van back. The helicopter pilot was amazing and very informative. I thought I might get motion sickness but I did not. The views were amazing.

  2. There was a brief safety video which we watched with the 4 other people who were taking the tour with us. After that, we were given flotation belts which everyone was required to wear, we were assigned our seats, and we waited for the helicopter to get back from the previous tour.

  3. Once our helicopter returned, we were escorted out to board right on time. This was done fairly slowly and individually, and personnel ensure that everyone is buckled in (including shoulder harnesses) and they explained again how to operate the release buckles, exit doors, headsets, etc.

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