Radish in is famous for being one of the first vegetables to appear in spring. During this period, after a long winter and lack of vitamins, it serves as a source of many useful substances for us. It is especially important to eat radish in spring for people with poor immunity.

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The homeland of radish is considered Central Asia. Currently, radishes are grown almost everywhere. This is due to the rapid growth and simplicity of root crops. In many regions, radishes are sown in March, and after 3-5 weeks, root crops are already eaten.

Both radish roots and leaves are used in food. Root vegetables are used raw in salads, leaves can also be added to salads as well as in soups, undergoing boiling.

Radish has a good effect on the human cardiovascular system, as it lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. A vegetable improves digestion and metabolism, so everyone who wants to lose weight needs to include it in their diet.

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