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Pears are very popular and sweet fruits that you can mostly find in the certain harvest season. They contain more fructose than glucose, so they taste much sweeter than apples. Despite this, they contain less sugar and they do not increase appetite.



The pear has an ancient history. Back in The Odyssey, Homer described some delightful fruits growing in the garden of a respected Persian king. A pear is elongated and rounded in shape, somewhat reminiscent of a light bulb. The pear pulp is juicy, quite tender, characterized by a strong aroma and mostly sweet taste.

Pears are consumed not only fresh, but they are also dried. A delicious delicacy is a dish of pears baked in wine. The fruits are canned, and juices, stewed fruit, jams are made from them. Pear is high in nutrition and low in calories, so this is one of the favourite foods for all kinds of diets. In the Frutta Verde online store you will find a large assortment of pears, and fast home delivery will not keep you waiting!

Pears have a positive effect on metabolism and digestion, and also stimulate the functioning of the kidneys and liver. By the way, potassium, so necessary needed for the work of the heart, is also found in pears. And having eaten one ripe pear, you can provide your body with the daily cobalt rate required for the work the thyroid gland.

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