Pineapples are sweet and juicy fruits used both in desserts and in salty dishes. Perfect and traditional is the combination of pineapple with chicken, salads with chicken meat and pineapple, baked chicken with pineapple etc. However, pineapple is widely used with any other type of meat. Pineapple is also used as the basis for the cooking of various sauces.

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South America is considered to be the birthplace of pineapples; they were discovered by Columbus and became widespread throughout the world. Today, this fruit is grown in all countries with a tropical climate. Such popularity of pineapples is explained by a combination of their taste and the benefits they render to the human body.

In sweet dishes, pineapple is used to make jelly, muffins, puddings, casseroles and cakes. Particularly popular are fruit salads with pineapple, the fruit gives them a hint of piquancy. Pineapple can be consumed raw – simply cut into slices and eat, as well as one can make freshly squeezed pineapple juice from it.

In addition to its culinary versatility, pineapple has a unique composition of nutrients that can have a positive effect on the entire human body. Firstly, it is low-calorie, with very low-fat content, due to this it is included in many dietary diets. Moreover, in many diets, there are even special “pineapple days”, during which you need to eat only raw pineapple or drink pineapple juice.

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