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Beans are the oldest product that originated from America, it came to Europe along with the ships of Christopher Columbus. Nowadays, hundreds of varieties of beans grow on all continents of the world. These legumes are seen in the territory of almost each country.

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There are more than 200 types of beans, of which the common bean is most popular due to its unpretentiousness in cultivation. Bean fruits are most often consumed as a side dish, stewed, or in the form of mashed potatoes. Often it can be found in multiple varieties of soups.

Variegated beans are the most common in the world. It comes in many varieties. Pinto – beans of medium size, oval, pink-brown, in a speck that “erodes” during cooking. Cranberry and Borlotti have also a pinkish-red speck, but the background is creamy and the taste is more delicate. All these varieties need to be soaked for 8-10 hours and cook an hour and a half. It is most often eaten whole in soups or fried, mashed in mashed potatoes and fried again with spices.

In terms of protein content, beans are very rich, so it is considered an indispensable product for vegetarians. Beans have a positive effect on the nervous system, help in the fight against stress, restore strength and contribute to rehabilitation.

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  1. Jacob Davey

    I’m a vegetarian and it was very hard for me to find beans of a hight quality and at the same time at the affordable price. These ones are just what I was looking for!

  2. Freddie Chandler

    Quick delivery, well-packed boxes and perfect taste.

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