Pak Choi


Pak choi cabbage resembles a rosette, which is formed by dark green, smooth leaves, oval in shape, which does not form the head. The petioles are slightly white, thickened, densely pressed against each other. Plant height varies from 30 cm to 60 cm.

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Pak Choi is juicy, piquant, spicy cabbage. Crispy petioles are also consumed. Thanks to its spicy aroma, Pak choi cabbage is combined with other products in a variety of dishes. Cabbage is eaten fresh, fermented, stewed, added to salads, first and second dishes, casseroles. Use leaves and petioles, young leaves are more tender and tastier. Want to try pak choi cabbage? This product is easy to order in the Frutta Verde online store!

Pak choi cabbage is distinguished by its rich amount of trace elements and vitamins. It contains a large amount of fibre, which cleans and improves the digestive tract, as well as the amino acid lysine, which is useful for the human body. If cabbage leaves are regularly consumed, and they are rich in ascorbic acid, the elasticity and elasticity of the vessels increase. It contains vitamin C, which is involved in protein synthesis, vitamin A improves vision, and vitamin K promotes blood coagulation. Pak choi cabbage is low-calorie and is valued for diet.

Vitamins: A, C, E, K, PP and B vitamins.

Trace elements: potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, iron, iodine, phosphorus.

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