Tomatoes are unique vegetables and are one of the most popular vegetables eaten. This is partly thanks to a large number of its sorts. Tomatoes are canned, pickled, salted, juice, tomato paste, a variety of sauces are made from them.

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The origin of the tomato is South America. Now you can find tomatoes growing in the wild there. When they were brought to Europe, at first they were cultivated exclusively as ornamental plants. Tomatoes they are low-calorie and nutritious. These vegetables are rich in glucose and fructose, proteins, organic acids. Tomato fruits contain salts of potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.

Tomatoes contain choline, which lowers blood cholesterol. Eating tomatoes helps to improve the condition of the liver, the immune system and promotes the generation of haemoglobin by the body.

Soups, vegetable and meat stews, pizza – these dishes necessarily include tomatoes. There are stuffed tomatoes, cold tomato soups in Spanish cuisine, and they are added to fresh summer salads.

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