Black beans

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Central and South America choose black beans for their dishes on a daily basis. These are small beans with a black shell and a creamy white inside, slightly sweet, mealy and friable in taste. Black beans should be soaked for 6-7 hours, and then cook for at least an hour.


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This type of bean is prepared with a large amount of onion, garlic and cayenne pepper or the famous Mexican black bean and corned bean soup are cooked from them. Without black beans, you can not imagine a famous Mexican dish – chilli.

In terms of protein content, beans contain a lot of it, so it is considered an indispensable product for vegetarians. Beans have a positive effect on the nervous system, help in the fight against stress, restore strength and contribute to rehabilitation.

Beans have a beneficial effect on the digestion process, restores metabolism. It is known for its diuretic and hypoglycemic effect. Substances contained in beans help increase haemoglobin levels. Beans normalize salt metabolism in the body and also prevent the formation of dental calculus.

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2 reviews for Black beans

  1. Lilian Sowerby

    Blck beans look very exotic. Trying them was an iteresting experience but I would stick to the red ones.

  2. Cynthia Ivory

    I did enjoy the black beans. They are easy to cook and taste exceptionally great with chicken.

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